Monday, December 24, 2012

Taking the magic out of Christmas ... and bringing it back. Finale.

"Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, 
doesn't come from a store."
~Dr. Seuss

Over the past 20 days, I have been on a quest to bring the magic of Christmas back to my heart and life.  I somehow lost the spirit of my favorite time of year over the past few years and I am very happy to say that I have re-ignited that flame and this has been a most wonderful Christmas for me.  This final edition is dedicated to family.  Not just any family, but my family.

I honestly don't know where I'd be without my family.  My girls and parents, especially.  My girls are my world. My everything.  Christmas probably wouldn't even be worth the craziness if I didn't have them.  My parents, have been two of the few people who have been by my side, supported me through every crazy decision, moment, and turn of my life.  I don't know how I'd get through just a normal day, let alone Christmas if I didn't have my girls or my parents in my life.  

I don't want Christmas to be over tomorrow.  I wish it weren't going to be here for a few more days.  Just so I can have a few more days of the anticipation, the preparations, the craziness.  Christmas is hard for a lot of people.  I tried to explain to Caitlin, just yesterday when she had a huge breakdown about her grandfather not being here this year for Christmas, that it is important to remember the good times, and keep them present in your heart, rather then dwelling on the fact that they aren't here.  This is very hard, I know, but it makes hard times that much more bearable when you can stop yourself from falling into negative thoughts and bring the positive ones forward.  

This year, Christmas has been amazing!!!  For the first time, I did what my mom use to do with me, I took Caitlin shopping for her presents, but still have a few tricks up my sleeve.  I also have started to teach Laurana what the true meaning of Christmas really is, that isn't not just about presents, but about family.  She's so cute when she goes through her list of family.  I have a man who is simply amazing, he treats me with love and respect and thinks it's cute when I sing (he must be deaf!!! LOL). 

For the first time in a LONG time, I feel like how I use to at Christmas time.  I don't feel like anything is missing, in fact, I'm so happy, I could cry!!!!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey, but even more so, I hope, more then anything, if you were like me and unable to find the magic of Christmas, that this helped you, even just a little.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Peace, Love and Light, 


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